During Wednesday’s Debate, Huckabee Destroys Dem Candidates With Commentary: ‘This Is A Great Debate! (If You’re Trump)

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Mike Huckabee was on another roll on Wednesday evening during the Democrat debates.

The former Arkansas governor provided commentary via Twitter to his fans, where he destroyed Democrat candidates as they sparred with one another.

Huckabee began by asking for his fans to pray for him as he sarcastically claimed that a “team of Navy Seals” strapped him to a chair to watch the debates so he could comment on it the following day on Fox News.

The first thing Huckabee noticed was how all candidates had “their hands over their hearts for the National Anthem.” He said, “Once the debate starts, they will have their hands in OUR pockets!”

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Midway through, Mike took aim at Kamala Harris as he said, “Harris is not having as good a night as 1st debate. And she can’t tell time, see the flashing lights, or remember what she said before.”

Mike Huckabee’s Tweets During The Democrat Debate (Continued Below)

In response to the interruptions that happened during the debate, Huckabee suggested, “Antifa thugs seemed to have gotten tickets for the debate and are interrupting Dem candidates who aren’t crazy-leftist enough for them. Yikes!”

Unimpressed by what he was seeing out of the Democrat candidates, Mike declared,” This is a GREAT debate! (If you’re President Trump).”

In fact, Mike thought it was so bad that he stated, “I’ve resorted to sticking sewing needles in my leg to keep me awake during Dem debate. I’ve taped it though. Will keep it for my next overseas flight as substitute for Ambien.”

He then shifted and took aim at CNN as Russia was discussed in the debate. He said, “I finally figured out how the Russians are meddling in our elections! They sponsored a Dem debate on CNN.”

“Just how bad is CNN? These past 2 awful nights gave CNN more viewers than it normally gets in a month, but still dismal numbers because their format is worse than farting cows,” Huckabee said.

Then, as the topic of impeachment was discussed, Mike commented, “Here they go: “IMPEACH!” Go ahead. Do it. Make utter fools of yourselves and your party. Reelect @realDonaldTrump by the insanity of impeachment.”

As the debate ended, Huckabee referred to his previous day’s tweet, where he jokingly suggested Marianne Williamson won.

“Going in, Harris seemed to have momentum. 2nite she’s so bad she’s made Gillibrand seem coherent. Winner? Marianne Williamson! Love will find a way!” Huckabee concluded.

In ending, here are some more of his slams during the debate.