Tomi Lahren: ‘The Virus Is Liberalism & the Long Lasting Side Effect Is Socialism’ – ‘The Only Cure Is… Defeating The Democrat Tyrants’

Tomi LahrenFox Video Screenshot

Political commentator Tomi Lahren suggested liberalism is a ‘virus’ and socialism is the ‘long lasting side effect’ that comes from it.

The Fox Nation host went on to disclose, in her opinion, the one and only ‘cure’ to keep it from spreading.

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“The virus is liberalism and the lasting side effect is socialism,” Lahren tweeted on Saturday evening. “The only cure is recalling, unseating and defeating the Democrat tyrants drunk on power and control.”

“Freedom always wins but you gotta be willing to fight for it,” she added.
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Tomi Lahren’s Official Statement

Prior to her tweet, Lahren targeted Democrat Rep. Cori Bush over recent controversial remarks made in regards to defunding the police.

“Cori Bush is giving AOC a run for her title as most ridiculous and embarrassing elected official,” Lahren tweeted.

Tomi continued railing against Rep. Bush while making an appearance on Justice With Judge Jeanine later on Saturday.

We leave you with her commentary: