GOP Figures React To Tuesday’s Democrat Presidential Debate: ‘Where Do They Find These People?’

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On Tuesday, the wide pool of Democrat candidates kicked off another round of debates as ten of the Presidential hopefuls sparred over topics that included affordable education, healthcare and, of course, President Trump.

While there were several heated exchanges, as well as bold points and statements made by the candidates, there were mixed reactions as to who actually won the debate.

In their analysis, CNN listed who they considered to be the winners of Tuesday’s debate, which included Bernie Sanders, Steve Bullock, Pete Buttigieg, John Delaney, Elizabeth Warren and even their nemesis, President Trump.

Former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders struck a similar note as CNN in her recap of who won the debate, except she determined there was only one clear winner: President Trump.

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Sanders said, “So to recap leading Democrats want to abolish private health insurance for Americans and give free healthcare to illegal immigrants. Tonight’s Democratic debate goes to @realDonaldTrump.” See Below

In his reaction, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz determined that Democrat candidates made “Robert Mueller look like he had an epic performance.”

Senator Lindsey Graham said based on the audience’s reaction, Marianne Williamson won the debate.

As a side note, Graham said, “The only thing more bizarre than the candidates and their ideas was the audience who seemed to cheer at the most extreme ideas. Where do they find these people?”

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Here are some more reactions by GOP figures: