Trump Attorney, Jay Sekulow, Issues An Immediate Response To Mueller’s Hearing: ‘The Case Is Closed’

Sekulow, MuellerArchived Screen Shots

President Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow issued an immediate statement in response to Wednesday’s Mueller hearing, that clearly appeared to be another attempt by the Democrat controlled House committees to smear the President.

Sekulow posted his statement via Twitter, as the second part of the hearing winded down.

Sekulow’s statement read as follows:

“This morning’s testimony exposed the troubling deficiencies of the Special Counsel’s investigation.

“The testimony revealed that this probe was conducted by a small group of politically-biased prosecutors, who, as hard as they tried, were unable to establish either obstruction, conspiracy, or collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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“It is also clear that the Special Counsel conducted his two-year investigation unimpeded. 

“The American people understand that this issue is over. They also understand that the case is closed.”

Jay Sekulow’s Official Statement