Graham Issues A Statement After Being Briefed By Pompeo Over Iran Tension: ‘Stand Firm Mr. President’

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The latest round of threats coming from Iran directed at American troops are “real,” according to Senator Lindsey Graham, despite mixed messages coming from mainstream sources.

On Saturday, Graham said he was briefed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. As a result, he now has a better understanding on why the Trump Administration decided to evacuate embassies and consulates in Iraq, as well as move military close to the region.

Graham released a statement on Twitter after being briefed by Pompeo.

It read, “Just received a briefing from Secretary Pompeo about the growing crisis in Iraq generated by Iranian threats to American personnel there and throughout the region.”

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I believe the threats are real,” Graham continued, “and support the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw personnel from our embassies/consultants and move military assets forward to deter Iranian aggression.” Continued Below

Sen. Graham went on to proclaim, “Iran is causing this crisis — not the Trump Administration.”

He added, “While no one wants a war, it must be clear to Iran that aggression against American interests will be met with overwhelming force and the conflict will end on America’s terms.”

“Stand firm Mr. President,” Graham concluded. Video Below

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In ending, here is video of Congressman Michael Waltz, former Foreign Policy Advisor David Tafuri and General Vincent Boles weighing in on Iranian tension.