Reporter Grills Hunter on why he put Joe on Speakerphone While Surrounded by Business Associates

Image: Hunter Biden speaking to reporters at Capitol Hill -- Fox News video screenshot on X.

Hunter Biden was asked by a reporter why he put his father, Joe Biden, on speakerphone over 20 times with his business partners — after he stormed out of a congressional meeting on Wednesday.

His comment came after he sparked chaos in Congress when he had made a surprise appearance as Republicans threatened to hold him in contempt.

Hunter Biden was berated with a flurry of questions by reporters who swarmed him in the hallway after he left the hearing, including allegations that he put his then-VP father Joe Biden, on the phone with his foreign business clients on at least 20 occasions.

“Why did you put your dad on speakerphone if he had nothing to do with your business? You put him on speaker multiple times to talk to your business partners, why did you do that?” asked Fox Business’ Hillary Vaughn.

“Do you have a dad? Does he call you?’ Hunter responded. “Do you answer the phone?”

“Yes,” replied Hillary Vaughn. “Why did you need to talk to him during business meetings if he had nothing to do with your business?” she pressed.

“You’re dangerous. You’re very dangerous,” Hunter Biden said.

Fox News initially reported that Hunter called Vaughn “dangerous.” This was later corrected on “The Faulkner Focus,” since Hunter called a different reporter “dangerous” for almost tripping him, Daily Caller noted.

Biden’s former business associate, Devon Archer, testified to the Oversight Committee last summer that Biden put his father on speakerphone — on over twenty occasions — while surrounded by foreign business associates.

Hunter defied a subpoena last month requiring him to sit for a closed-door deposition as part of the GOP impeachment investigation into whether President Joe Biden was connected to or profited from his son’s shady business deals.

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