Reporter to Hunter Biden: ‘What Kind of Crack do you Normally Smoke, Mr. Biden?’

Image: Hunter Biden -- Fox News video screenshot on X.

Hunter Biden, his attorney Abbe Lowell, and Kevin Morris came to Capitol Hill Wednesday morning to sit in the audience as members of the House Judiciary Committee considered whether to pass a resolution to hold Joe Biden’s son in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena order.

Less than 20 minutes into the markup, Biden stormed out as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) began to speak.

Hunter Biden was then hit with a flurry of questions by reporters after he stormed out, including being asked “what kind” of “crack” he smoked, what his “favorite kind of crack” is, and if he was “on crack” while he crashed the congressional meeting.

“Hunter, what’s your favorite kind of crack? Are you on crack today?” a reporter shouted to Hunter Biden.

Hunter defied a subpoena last month requiring him to sit for a closed-door deposition as part of the GOP impeachment investigation into whether President Joe Biden was connected to or profited from his son’s shady business deals.

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