Mike Lindell Gives a Detailed Account after the FBI Seized His Cell Phone at a Hardee’s Drive-Thru

[Image: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell -- Lindell TV video screenshot.]

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell revealed during a Monday airing of “Lindell TV” that his cell phone was allegedly seized by the FBI.

Lindell explained he and his friend were coming back from a trip in Iowa and stopped at a Hardee’s drive-thru on their way home in Minnesota. He said the FBI abruptly pulled up in the line, parked perpendicular to their vehicle, and blocked them in.

Mike Lindell said he told his friend, “That’s either a bad guy, or it’s FBI,” adding that some FBI guys can be bad guys.

The My Pillow CEO requested to see the FBI’s badges and explain to him why they were there.

Lindell said the FBI questioned him about Colorado and Dominion voting machines, then told him that they had “some bad news.”

The officers told Lindell they had a warrant for his cell phone and would be confiscating it. Lindell told the FBI, however, that he needed his phone to “run five companies”, because he doesn’t have a computer. He also told the FBI that he needed his phone for his hearing aids. Video Below

Lindell said he spoke with his lawyer, who advised him to hand over the phone, to which he said he complied.

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