Reporter to Lightfoot: ‘How Could you Possibly Even Consider Running for Re-election…After all the Harm You’ve Caused?’

[Image: Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot -- Twitter video screenshot.]

During a press conference on Tuesday, a reporter asked Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot how she could even consider running for re-election after all the “harm” she has caused.

The reporter told Lightfoot that she always starts her press conferences by saying that crime is down and the “economy is booming.” Lightfoot claimed that was not true but asked the journalist to continue with his question.

“Real Chicagoans are asking me, how can you possibly even consider running for re-election for mayor of the city of the Chicago after all the harm you’ve caused?”

Lightfoot said that she “fundamentally” disagreed with the reporter and that she did not want to dignify his comments.

“I disagree with you fundamentally, and I don’t think I need to address — dignify your comments one second further,” she replied.

The mayor has yet to officially announce her bid for re-election, but has been laying groundwork with recent public appearances, Fox News reported. Video Below


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