Garland Favorito: “We Uncovered & Revealed From Public Documents, Numerous, Massive Errors In The Georgia Audit & As Well As Some Fraud”

[Image: Garland Favorito on War Room 7/14/21-- Rumble video screenshot.]

Garland Favorito, who is seeking a review of absentee ballots– alleging fraud in Fulton, Georgia during the November 2020 general election, spoke with Steve Bannon on War Room on Wednesday, asserting new evidence of malfeasance coming out of Fulton County, Georgia regarding the election.

An independent election audit team pouring through ballot images in Fulton County have found numerous examples of alleged fraudulent ballots that were double-counted in the election. The forensic auditing team walked people through the double-counted ballots from the 2020 election in a video release, as previously reported by The Freedom Times.

“We basically uncovered and revealed from public documents, and this is all public documents, numerous, massive errors in the Georgia audit and as well as some fraud,” Garland Favorito told Steve Bannon.

Favorito listed a few of the key points discovered, saying, “We determined that there was a 60% error rate in the Georgia audit. That’s when you compare the numbers that Biden got, the numbers that Trump got, and the total numbers of that race. … The error rate is 60%. In other words, what that means is that the images don’t add up to what was reported in the audit. And if you remember, the audit was used to verify the certified results.”

“The second thing was … these tally sheets that were falsified. So the auditors when they count these ballots, they write down their results on tally sheets, and the tally sheets are entered into the system, and then they’re reported to the secretary of state. The secretary of state publishes those results. Well, these tally sheets, we found 7 of them that had been falsified with 100-0 votes for Joe Biden. Some of them were even 150-0, and another one was even 200-0,” he explained.

“When you look at the actual ballot images, they don’t say that. They show more realistically– they show Biden with 60 votes, Trump with 40 and so on and so on. We put up a table that shows here’s what the actual ballot images were and here’s what the tally sheet said that were actually published by the secretary of state, and it was completely false,” Favorito said. Continued Below

Favorito told Bannon the information was taken to the county commissioner Wednesday morning to “act on them”.

“The third thing that we looked at were the duplicate reporting,” he said. “We have 4,000 votes that were duplicate reporting. Some of these we know are because there were duplicate scanning of the the the actual batches themselves. For example, we had 4,255 votes that we know so far– the numbers had gone up. … That means 390 extra were reported for Biden, 865 extra for Trump, and 43 for [Jo] Jorgensen.”

“There’s a 2,500 gain for Biden in the public [documents],” Favorito said. Video Below

Garland Favorito’s full remarks:

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Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice tweeted a video showing the alleged duplicate ballots being scanned several times in Fulton County:

Heather Mullins pointed to more disturbing findings:

Steve Bannon also urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “lawyer up”:

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