Judge Jeanine on Biden’s First Trip Abroad: “He Appeared Clueless, Disoriented, Quick to Anger, Irritable & Unstable”

Judge Jeanine, BidenFox Video Screenshots

“Joe Biden does not have the mental capacity to lead the greatest nation on earth, and it is time both parties are honest about what everyone sees and cringes at,” Judge Jeanine Pirro declared in her Saturday night commentary on Fox News. “This is not partisan. It’s not political. It is about America uder the tutelage of a man not up to the job.”

Judge Jeanine centered her assessment around Biden’s first trip overseas, where she proclaimed that he “kept proving his inability to be a rock steady leader.”

“Throughout the trip Biden kept proving his inability to be a rock steady leader,” Judge Jeanine said as she provided clips to back up her claim. “He appeared clueless, disoriented, quick to anger, irritable and unstable.”