Judge Jeanine Slams Kamala Harris: “What’s with the Stupid Giggle? Are You Laughing at Us?”

Judge Jeanine, Kamala HarrisFox Video Screenshot, NBC Video Screenshot

Judge Jeanine slammed Kamala Harris over the ‘stupid giggle’ that was unleashed when pressed by NBC’s Lester Holt over why she hasn’t visited the southern border since being  named “border czar” by Joe Biden in March.

When Holt grilled Harris over whether she has “any plans to visit the border”, the vice president laughed, appearing to shrug off the border crisis.

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“What’s with the stupid giggle?” Judge Jeanine asked. “Are you trying to convey something with that laugh? Or better yet, are you laughing at us?”

“Why can’t you answer that question?” she continued. “Why won’t you visit the southern border where we are experiencing a historic surge in illegals, the highest number we’ve seen in more than 20 years?”

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Then after laying out how the policies and rhetoric by the Biden Administration is largely to blame for the border surge, Judge Jeanine stated why she suspects Kamala isn’t visiting the border.

“If you actually go to the border, the press will join you and they will see the disaster the Biden Administration has made in real time — the disorganization, the disarray and the mess that you and your dithering pal, Joe, have created at our so-called southern border,” Judge Jeanine said.

“And by the way Madame, get rid of the stupid giggle,” she concluded. Video Below