AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers Ensures ‘The Audit Is Coming’, Signals ‘Other Information Is Coming Out’

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Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers issued a statement on Sunday ensuring the results of the Maricopa County forensic audit are on the way.

She also signaled “other information is coming out,” but can’t yet disclose it.

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“The audit is coming guys, I promise you,” Rogers tweeted. “I get a lot of comments asking and people think I can speed it up but I can’t speed it up. It is a process and it is coming,” wrote Sen. Rogers.

“Also – other information is coming out I can’t disclose. Just know that it is all going to happen and this is real. Keep the faith.”l Make sure YOUR state is doing an audit because when our audit comes out the next steps are to get this done in other states. Start pushing that now,” she urged.

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Sen. Wendy Rogers Official Statement

The firm, Cyber Ninjas, was expected to turn over their full draft report to the Arizona Senate last month over the full forensic audit of the 2020 general election in Maricopa County; however, the process was delayed after three members of the company involved in the effort tested positive for COVID-19.

Once the Senate gets the full draft report, all information and findings of the audit will be examined to ensure accuracy, and a final report will be released to the public soon thereafter.