10-Year-Old FL Student Exposes School System’s Hypocrisy On Face Coverings: ‘It’s Just Insanity’

A 10-year old boy who called out a school board in Martin County, FL on their hypocrisy over face masks appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to give his account of the struggles he and other students experience during a normal day of school.

“It’s almost 100 degrees outside, wearing cloth masks and you expect us not to be hot and complain? It’s just insanity,” 10-year-old John Provenzano said after detailing an interaction he had with a teacher who scolded him and other students for complaining about wearing masks.


Here is another clip from Provenzano’s interview, where he gives an account of a teacher pulling down their mask to yell at hik for pulling down his mask.

In ending, here is Mr. Provenzano’s speech to the Florida school board on May 12: