Trump Jr. Reacts To His Father’s Acquittal: “Beating These Establishment Clowns Twice…Is A Badge Of Honor”

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Donald Trump Jr. issued multiple reactions on social media soon after his father — former President Donald J. Trump — was acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial, capping off just five days of proceedings.

57 senators voted guilty and 43 senators voted not-guilty, falling well short of the 67 guilty votes needed to convict the 45th President in the second Democrat-led impeachment effort.

In his initial response, Trump Jr. wrote: “NOT GUILTY. Now maybe it would be nice if the senators stopped putting on show trials for free air time and actually started working for the American people for a change.”

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“Beating these establishment clowns twice after years of BS and under unprecedented circumstances is a badge of honor,” he added before posting a meme to celebrate President Trump’s “back to back” impeachment acquittals.

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Moments later, Don Jr. posted a selfie video response to President Trump’s victory.

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In ending, here is Eric Trump’s reaction to the big news: