James Woods: “In The Past Four Years The Press Has Obliterated Its Credibility”

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Former Hollywood actor James Woods called out the media on Friday night, where he blasted their “unhinged hysteria” ever since President Donald J. Trump was elected nearly four years ago.

Woods used the media’s coverage of the pandemic as the latest example of how the press is more concerned about attacking Trump’s presidency and Republicans rather than making it possible for “the common man” to get news on “important” issues that matter most.

Woods tweeted, “In the past four years the press has obliterated its credibility. The unhinged hysteria over Trump has made it impossible for the common man to glean news about any important issue. I mean, does anybody feel it is possible to get a straight answer about the pandemic, for example?”

Woods backed up his statement by tweeting an article about how an NBC contributor tested negative for COVID-19 five times, despite appearing on NBC and MSNBC nearly a dozen times to discuss his alleged experience and recovery from the virus.

Back in June, NBC News Science contributor and virologist, Dr. Joseph Fair told NBC’s Chuck Todd that his experience with COVID-19 was “the “worst I ever felt” and that “I was shocked at how severe my illness got without having those underlying conditions.”

Just weeks later, however, Dr. Fair posted a statement that said he tested negative for COVID-19 and whatever caused his illness has yet to be determined and now remains an “undiagnosed mystery.”

James Woods shared the update to Dr. Fair’s story and tweeted, “NBC contributor shares his heart-wrenching battle against the dreaded virus, earning the sympathy of millions. Except he never tested positive for the disease. After five tests. Oops!”

Woods also targeted the press for their double-standard reporting on COVID-19 in Republican-controlled Florida versus Democrat-controlled California.

In ending, here is Woods’ sarcastic explanation for the uptick in COVID-19 cases in New York that the media must have missed: