One Day After USNS Comfort Arrived, NY Doctor Says She Sees ‘An End In Sight’: “I Got Chilled & I Got Teary Eyed”

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New York doctor Janette Nesheiwat is seeing “an end in sight” one day after the Navy’s hospital ship docked in New York City’s harbor.

The USNS Comfort arrived at the front lines of the coronavirus fight in New York City on Monday after the President Trump bid bon voyage to the hospital ship from Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday. The ship contains 1,000 beds, a dozen operating rooms, a medical laboratory, a pharmacy, supplies and more.

On Tuesday, Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Dr. Nesheiwat, “Do you see an end in sight as of today?”

“I do, I do,” Nesheiwat replied. “I feel we’re at the point where we’re getting all of the resources and support that we need whether it’s supplies, whether it’s staff, whether it’s the space to…put patients.”

“We got that ship. When I saw that ship pull up, I got chilled and I got teary eyed because I felt that we are now getting all the tools that we need to help take care of our patients,” she added.

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“We just have to really continue to emphasize the critical importance of adhering to physical distancing, social distancing, keeping your hands washed, and cleaned,” Dr. Nesheiwat asserted. “And do not touch your face! You spread bacteria, the virus and germs by touching your face.”

“But stay home, stay hydrated, take care of yourself and follow the guidelines. If we do all of this, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. I can feel it,” she concluded. Video Below