Joy Reid Ridicules ‘My Pillow’ CEO For Speaking At Briefing, James Woods Fires Back: “What Are You Doing, You Worthless Media Grub?”

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MSNBC host Joy Reid ridiculed MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Monday over him speaking during the coronavirus briefing, where he gave a run down of his company’s efforts and encouraged Americans to pray during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lindell announced last week that his company will manufacture face masks for hospitals, amid the coronavirus pandemic, which is most likely the reason behind his visit to the White House to speak during Monday’s briefing.

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“I’m proud to manufacture our products in the United States and I’m even more proud to serve our nation in this great time of need. Thank you, Mr. President, for your call to action, which has empowered companies like My Pillow to help our nation win this invisible war,” Lindell said at the White House Rose Garden on Monday.

“Our president gave us so much hope, where just a few short months ago, we had the best economy, the lowest unemployment, wages going up. It was amazing. With our great president, vice president, and this administration, and all the great people in this country praying daily, we will get through this, and back to a place that’s stronger and safer than ever,” he added.

In reaction to Lindell’s appearance, Joy Reid sarcastically complained that an update on her phone about the MyPillow CEO’s speech “interrupted” her binge-watching the Netflix docuseries ‘Tiger King’. See Below

“So my Tiger King binge was interrupted by a text saying the CEO of MyPillow is now part of the presidential briefings on COVID19 … please tell me this is a prank,” Reid tweeted.

She continued, “So if Trump is now doing the Celebrity White House Apprentice will there be bigger stars cast? And can we expect dailing ratings updates? Because apparently what we can’t expect are answers to when we will have enough tests and crucial medical equipment to help beat the PAMDEMIC.”

Conservative actor James Woods took a swipe at Reid after seeing her remarks. See Below

Joy Reid Ridicules MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell For Speaking At Monday’s Coronavirus Briefing

James Woods slammed Joy Reid when he replied: “During literally each fart breath you exhale watching Netflix, his company is making hundreds of masks for health care workers to fight this globalist pandemic. It adds up to 50,000 a day. A DAY. What are you doing, you worthless #MediaGrub?”

A handful of Reid’s colleagues at MSNBC, including Ali Velshi, joined her in mocking Lindell’s speech.

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