James Woods Lashes Out At Hillary Over Her Coronavirus Joke: “Salvage A Scrap Of Dignity & Disappear With Grace”

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Former Hollywood actor James Woods slammed Hillary Clinton after she appeared to post a joke related to the coronavirus pandemic and President Trump.

It all started when Hillary Clinton made a sarcastic remark in reaction to the New York Times pointing out that the United States now “leads the world in the most confirmed coronavirus cases.”

Clinton tweeted the NYT article and captioned it, “He did promise ‘America First'”.

Hillary Clinton’s Official Tweet

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After learning of Hillary’s tweet, James Woods suggested that the former Secretary of State should get over her 2016 loss to President Trump and “disappear with grace.”

“Look, it’s fun tossing you around like a Hacky Sack on the Internet, but enough is enough,” Woods replied to Hillary. “You lost. It’s not a bad dream. You lost. Try at least to salvage a scrap of dignity and just disappear with grace. Realize that you’re now just a lost soul. I mean, if you had one…”

James Woods Lashes Out At Hillary Clinton

In ending, here is video of The Five reacting to Hillary’s coronavirus joke: