Parscale: The Trump Campaign Is “Ready In Every Single Aspect To Take On Whatever Fight We Need To”

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Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale apparently is locked, loaded and prepared to take on any contender from the Democratic party in the 2020 election.

During his interview with Bill Hemmer of Fox News that aired on Monday, Parscale indicated various ways in which the Trump campaign has ramped up efforts to help make President Trump’s re-election bid as strong as possible.

Parscale said that he isn’t concerned about any particular Democrat candidate, but his main worry is “what we need to build on our side.”

“Regardless of who shows up on the other side, we’re gonna have a campaign this time that’s ready in every single aspect to take on whatever fight we need to,” Parscale declared.

“We’re gonna have tens, hundreds times more volunteers out there. We’re gonna have better canvassing programs,” he asserted. “We’re gonna have better digital operations. We’re gonna have better at everything. And we’re gonna build a program that’s ready for any candidate.”

“Once the President sets his, you know, target on them, they gotta be ready because this President is a fighter, and he’s gonna win this election,” Parscale concluded. Full Video Of Interview At Bottom

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Here is video of Brad Parscale’s full interview: