Impeachment Manager Rep. Crow Says Trump Made An “Attempt To Bribe”, Cheney Levels Him: “Saying It Doesn’t Make It So”

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On Sunday, Democrat impeachment manager Rep. Jason Crow suggested President Trump attempted to “bribe and coerce a foreign goverment official” despite bribery not being an article of impeachment.

The statement by Crow was made during his interview on CNN’s State Of The Union.

Crow was questioned if he thinks President Trump committed bribery, when he said, “The President did a lot of things that abused his power.”

“But bribery, specifically?” the host asked him.

Crow replied: “Specifically, he did attempt to bribe and coerce a foreign government official.”

The host then question why the charge of bribery was never made an official article of impeachment, which Crow said it is part of the “abuse of power” charge. Video Below


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Congresswomen Liz Cheney (R-WY) leveled Rep. Crow upon seeing his remarks.

“Saying it doesn’t make it so @RepJasonCrow,” Cheney tweeted.

“You impeached the President with no direct evidence in a totally partisan process where Dems set all the rules, picked all the witnesses, and denied due process,” she declared. “And you still failed to prove your case. But you got a cool pen.”