AZ Sen. Rogers: ‘You Don’t Have to Have 100% Proof or Smoking Gun to Decertify… to Say What You Handed in Was Inaccurate’

Wendy RogersReal America's Voice Video Screenshot

Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers made it clear on Thursday that one of the primary goals of the Maricopa County audit is for other states and counties where Dominion machines were used to follow Arizona’s lead and conduct a full forensic audit of their results.

This is why, according to Sen. Rogers, Arizona’s leadership is taking time to “get it right” so that their process can be replicated and “used and moved forward in other states.”

The senator went on to claim that “100% proof” or a “smoking gun” is not needed to decertify the 2020 election results, which she says are “inaccurate.’

Speaking to John Fredericks of Real America’s Voice, Sen. Rogers stated as follows:

The goal is to have other states do it because I called, as you know, for decertification early on after the preliminary hearing was done. And as having said that, as I was saying, that… the certification that we turned in… in January, we now know had to have been innaccurate based on all of these anomalous points that we still have.

You don’t have to have 100% proof or smoking gun to decertify — to say what you handed in was inaccurate.

Sen. Rogers went on to say that she and other GOP lawmakers in Arizona “want other states, especially states with counties who used the machines to audit every possible county where the machines were used.”

The Arizona senator then revealed that she is currently working with some of her colleagues in states like Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan who have all shown interest in following Arizona’s lead in auditing the 2020 election results.

“My point in elucidating all of these names and states is to show how very important it is for Arizona to get it right so that it is a packagable entity that can then be used and moved forward in other states,” declared Sen. Rogers . Video Below