Brad Parscale Issues A Statement At The Conclusion Of Wednesday’s Public Impeachment Hearing

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Wednesday marked the beginning of public impeachment hearings led by House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff.

Democrat and Republican members of the committee each got turns grilling Ambassador William Taylor and State Department Official George Kent over their second and third hand knowledge of potential “impeachable offenses”, in a hearing that President Trump labeled as a “sham.”

President Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale issued a statement at the conclusion of Wednesday’s hearing.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Parscale said, “The entire world can read the transcript of President Trump’s conversation with President Zelensky, so people don’t need to rely on third-party opinions when they can see the facts for themselves.”

“Despite that, today we heard from Democrat’s hand-picked star witnesses, who together were not not on the Ukraine phone call, did not speak directly with President Trump, got third-hand hearsay from one side of a different phone call in a restaurant, and formed opinions based on stories in the pages of the New York Times,” he continued.

“We hate to break it to these unelected, career government bureaucrats who think they know best: the President of the United States sets foreign policy, not them,” Parscale declared in his statement. “And disagreement on policy is not an impeachable offense.”  Video Below

Brad Parscale’s Official Tweet (Continued Below)

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In ending, here is Parscale’s reaction to video of Schiff posing for the camera’s after Wednesday’s hearing: