Pastor Jeffress Targets Trump’s Opponents Who Are “Fantasizing” About Him Being Beaten Down: “They’re Gonna Be Sorely Disappointed”

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While appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Pastor Robert Jeffress put into perspective how President Trump is personally handling the ongoing impeachment effort against him.

Jeffress spent time at the White House on Tuesday as one of the faith leaders, and he got to see first hand how President Trump is composing himself.

“We’ve never had a stronger President than Donald J. Trump,” Pastor Jeffress declared after he pointed out that 99% of Evangelical Republicans oppose impeachment.

According to Jeffress, Christians understand that tension between Trump and Democrats is not a simple “political skirmish,” but it is a “battle between good and evil.”

And he had a simple message for the President’s political opponents who are hoping that Trump feels beaten down from their battle tactics.

“President Trump’s opponents who are fantasizing that he’s in the Oval Office, curled up in a fetal position, sucking his thumb — they’re gonna be sorely disappointed,” Pastor Jeffress responded. “That’s not the President we saw.” Video Below

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“I’ve seen him recently several times,” he continued. “I’ve never seen him more energetic, postive, funny than he was Tuesday.”

“The President is not melting down. He is doubling down on what he believes is necessary to keep America great. He is working every day on our behalf,” Jeffress concluded. Video Below