Candace Owens Projects A “Trump 2020 Landslide” In Her Reaction To The Impeachment Resolution

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Candace Owens put in her two cents and then some after hearing that the Democrat-majority House voted  232-196 to approve a resolution that sets rules for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

All 232 members who voted in favor of the resolution were Democrats, while there was bi-partisan opposition for the resolution as two Democrats defected from their party and sided with Republicans.

Following the vote, Democrats praised the resolution that they claimed was fair to both sides of the aisle and the President, while Republicans slammed the unfairness of the resolution that they claim will give unlimited power to Chairman Schiff in regards to the inquiry.

Republicans also declared that going down the path of impeachment will only hurt the American people as legislation will be placed on hold, which they believe will ultimately lead to Democrats losing seats in the 2020 election.

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Candace Owens struck a similar note in her reaction to the impeachment resolution being passed. Video Below

“The move to impeach Trump is the waving of the white flag from the Democrat party,” Candace said on Twitter..

“Our economy is revived,” she continued. “Black Americans are awakening to the fact that we were saved by Christ and have suffered unimaginable evils by the hands of the Democrat Party.”

“Trump 2020, LANDSLIDE,” Owens forecasted at the end of her tweet. See Below

Official Tweet From Candace Owens

In ending, here’s video of Tucker Carlson discussing Democrats “obsessing” over impeachment: