Joe Biden Calls The G7 ‘The G8’ & Says His Health Plan Will Be ‘Not Quality’ As His Gaffes Continued

Biden New HampshireVideo Screen Shots

As far as gaffes are concerned, Democrat Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden can not catch a break.

On Friday, multiple video clips surfaced of Biden saying things he probably didn’t intend to say, which likely did more damage than good while campaigning in New Hampshire.

In one clip, Biden is seen calling the G7 (Group of Seven) “The G8.”

Then, while discussing his health care plan, Biden said, “We’ll make sure it’s not quality, we’ll make sure it’s only affordable.”

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Another clip shows Biden saying, for folks in the working class…they will in fact will increase their premiums.” Videos Below

Biden Calls The G7 “The G8”

Biden Makes Gaffes While Discussing His Healthcare Plan

In ending, here is a clip of Biden saying replying “Absolutely, yes!” when asked if he will change his climate plan to include a “radical decarbonization of transportation, energy, and our food systems.”