Jake Tapper Mocks Candace Owens Over Her WH Speech, Candace Responds: ‘Your Obvious Disgust For Free Blacks Who Ordain To Think For Themselves’

[Image Source: CNN & C-SPAN Video Screenshots. The Freedom Times Compilation]

Candace Owens attended the White House on Friday for the Turning Point USA’s 2019 Black Leadership Summit where she praised President Donald Trump and also discussed black voters’ “blind allegiance” to the Democrat Party.

Towards the end of her speech, she slammed CNN, calling the cable network “racist”, along with pointing out when they called black Trump supporters “paid puppets”.

Candace Owens described what she loved most about President Trump and said it was his audacity. “The audacity it took to stand up and look black America in the eye… the audacity that it takes to call out these ‘crooked’ black Democrat politicians that are receiving billions in aid from our government and effectively stolen it from the struggling cities that they represent,” she explained.

She noted how President Trump had the “audacity” to call out Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Maxine Waters (D-CA), adding that Waters lives outside of her district in a $6 million dollar house. “President Donald Trump has both the spine and the audacity to save black America. It takes a lot of guts, and we all know this,” Owens said.

“When you wake up as a black American and you realize the truth and you have the courage to speak out about it, the ‘racist leftist media’ will attack you. ‘CNN is a racist network’, in my opinion,” Owens expressed. “I’ve watched them over the past year sanction the violence of Antifa over black conservatives.”

“They have referred to all of us, last year, in the same exact room– CNN referred to all of us as ‘paid puppets’. They said we were paid to be in this room because they cannot fathom that we would ever have the courage to stand up and to tell them ‘no more.’ No more victim narrative, CNN. No more victim narrative MSNBC,” Owens continued. (Continued Below)

“No more telling us that we can not do something because of the color of our skin. No more fear politics. No more attempts to scare us into voting for you. No more lies, no more half-truths. They attack the one President that has done the absolute most for black America, than any other President in history because they are scared,” she said.

Owens clarified why they are scared: “They are scared of no longer being able to control us. They are scared that we are actually waking up to everything that they have done to us.”

“It was Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice, … in 1991, who warned us against what the Democrats and the media would do to black people like us. This is what he said, ‘This is a circus. It’s a national disgrace from my standpoint as a black American. It is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks, who in any way dare to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas. It is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, you will be destroyed, you will be caricatured, rather than hung from a tree,'” Owens said. (Continued Below)

Owens asked, “How right was Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice and the treatment of black Americans today? It is a national disgrace!”

Upon seeing Candace Owens’ criticism of the anti-Trump cable network, host Jake Tapper of CNN took aim at Candace, by mocking her speech and wrote on Twitter, “Your tax dollars at work!”

Owens proved exactly her point of the network and responded to Tapper: “Way to jump right in with your obvious disgust for free blacks who ordain to think for themselves!”

Dave Rubin responded to Owens and Tapper and said, “Jake, as the last vestige of anything close to journalism at CNN you should hide the partisanship a little better. Bravo, Candace.”

Owens again responded: “Thanks, Dave. It was a horrific, execution-style murder of a 4th grader that I wanted to bring attention to. As I said in my speech, his life meant nothing to the media because it doesn’t fit their Trump-obsessed narrative. @jaketapper proving me right. :-)”

She also retweeted Tapper’s comment and wrote, “Today I spoke at the White House about Tyshawn Lee, a 9 year old black boy who was shot and killed in senseless gun violence. Below we have Jake Tapper reducing my speech to a joke made at the end, because @CNN doesn’t want black America discussing what is actually hurting us.” (Video Below)

Candace Owens calling out CNN:


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Candace Owens’ full remarks:


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