Fresh Off His Testimony, Corey Lewandowski Unveils The Only ‘Crime’ Trump Is Guilty Of: ‘He’s Guilty Of Putting America First’

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President Trump’s former campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski joined Judge Jeanine Pirro for the first time since appearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee earlier in the week.

Corey opened up on what it was like testifying before the committee that he summed up with one word: “Chaos.”

Asked if he was nervous about giving tesftimony, Lewandowski replied, “Of course, Judge!”

Corey said he spent hours preparing for the hearing and it paid off because he said, “They never wanted to find out the truth. They know the truth.”

“What they want to try and do was they want to disparage me, they want to call me names, they want to attack this President and they want to make a narrative that we need to impeach the President,” he proclaimed.

“If the President is guilty of a crime, he’s guilty of putting America first,” Lewandowski declared. “And that’s the only crime this President is guilty of.” Video Below


Lewandowski is seriously considering running for New Hampshire’s Senate seat, which he believes is the reason why Democrats of the House Judiciary Committee attacked him like they did during the hearing.

We leave you with a recent tweet where he commented on that matter: