Candace Owens Warns Children ‘Being Manipulated By The Left’ On Climate Change: ‘Al Gore Told Us We Had 10 Years Left To Live’

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Candace Owens broke her silence on climate change in wake of the massive Global Climate Strike that took place on Friday.

An estimated 4 million people around the world took part in Friday’s climate strike to “draw attention to the climate crisis ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit,” according to USA Today.

Schools in New York City closed for the day as teachers encouraged students to take part in the climate demonstrations, which is now estimated to have included over 250,000 in the city alone.

In a pair of savage tweets, Candace Owens slammed the climate strike, and briefly reminsced on her time in school, where she remembers leftists like Al Gore preaching the dangers of “global warming” only to have been proven wrong over time. She then warned today’s youth not to fall for the manipulation.

“The #climatestrike is one of the most elitist, over-privileged protests that the Left has come up with to date,” Candace tweeted.

“’I’m not going to school today because of the climate’, said no black person, ever to their mother, she continued. “I would have been spanked all the way to class.” See Below

Then in a later tweet, Candace wrote: “Dear children who are being manipulated by the Left: When I was in school, Al Gore told us that we had ten years left to live before ice caps melted & flooded the planet.”

“Spoiler Alert: it never happened,” she declared. “Care about your environment without being brainwashed by politicians.” See Below

Official Tweets From Candace Owens (Continued Below)

Just moments after launching out her tweet that targeted Al Gore, animal rights activist Will Travers attempted to combat Candace’s statement, but she quickly fired right back.

“The stupidest thing I’ve heard anyone say @RealCandaceO,” Travers replied. “Al Gore may have been out by a few years but his diagnosis of the issues & prediction of outcomes was brutally correct. Keep living in your bubble, keep dividing, keep trashing the truth & ignoring reality. Beyond sad.”

Candace immediately responded to Travers: “So like, we’re refinancing climate change.”

“In the 80’s it was global cooling. In the 90’s it was global warming. Today it’s climate change,” she continued. “We’re all going to die, we just need more time to prove it. Doomsday Re-fi.” Video Below

In ending, here is video of Tucker Carlson giving his reaction to the climate protests: