Bernie Demands ‘Don’t Go To War’ If You Can’t Take Care Of Vets, Crenshaw Fires Back: ‘Now It’s Personal’

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On Tuesday, Democrat Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders felt the need to drop a tweet in relation to war and America’s veterans.

The tweet was most likely related to the current tension with Iran, as President Trump weighs the decision on whether to retaliate over attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil systems.

While Secretary of State Mike Pompeo labeled the attacks as an “act of war” by Saudi Arabia, President Trump has remained cautious and opted for initial sanctions against Iran in the meantime.

In his Tuesday tweet that was likely related to tension with Iran, Bernie said, “If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, then don’t go to war.”

Republican Congressman and war veteran Dan Crenshaw apparently was “disgusted” upon seeing Bernie’s tweet and instantly fired back.

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Crenshaw said, “Watching Bernie pander to different groups to get their vote has always disgusted me, but now it’s personal.”

“I didn’t go to war so that you would take care of me, Bernie. I went because I wanted to serve and our country needed it,” he declared. See Below

Dan Crenshaw Replies To Bernie Sanders