Cuomo Attacks Trump & His Inner Circle For ‘Lying’, Huckabee Fires Back: ‘Tell McCabe & Clapper Hi’

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Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, fired back at both Chris Cuomo and the network CNN after Cuomo unleashed a hit piece on President Trump and his “inner circle” for “lying.”

In his closing argument titled, “Trump Lies and His Inner Circle Lies About Lying,” Cuomo targeted those who are close to the President, including National Press Secretary to Trump’s 2020 campaign Kayleigh McEnany and White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, and focused on how they “enable” and “own” lies told by President Trump.

Cuomo said, “There can be no national debate about whether this President has lied to you more than we have ever tracked, since tracking began. That is the case.”

“The argument to make is about how those around him enable and, therefore, own the same behavior,” Cuomo added.

He then played clips and displayed a tweet to try making a case for his claim, where he suggested Trump’s inner circle was covering for “lies” told by the President. And he warned his viewers that they “deserve better” and that “each and every one of us will have to answer for what we did and said during this time.”

Upon seeing Cuomo’s video, Mike Huckabee called out the hypocrisy that was displayed by the same network that hired alleged “liars”, such as former disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former DNI James Clapper. See Below

Huckabee said, “CNN lies, hires liars, & defends liars. Tell McCabe and Clapper hi.”

He added, “[Kayleigh McEnany] once worked for me at Fox & is one of the most honest, kind, and intelligent women I know. Attack her if you like but spare us the smug self-righteous speech.”

We know you hate [President Trump],” Huckabee declared. See Below

Mike Huckabee Fires Back At Chris Cuomo