Mark Levin On Schiff Publicly Condemning Trump: Exactly What Has Adam Schiff Done To Protect Our Country?

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While facing the press on Friday, Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff spoke out against President Trump’s decision to authorize the airstrike that left Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and seven others dead.

Schiff voiced concern that neither President Trump or members of his Administration have briefed Congress about their plan. He also suggested that the situation has “increased the danger of war with Iran and not decreased it.”

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Schiff said, “I have yet to be fully satisfied that the administration either has a strategy –that this is not simply a one-off act of retaliation or preemptive strike, that this is part of some broader coherent plan and that greatly concerns me.”

“And so, if the administration has a broader strategy they have yet to articulate it and have yet to explain to the Congress why that strategy lacks the support of our own allies and how this is somehow going to make us safer,” he added.

Mark Levin slammed Schiff after learning of his latest remarks. See Below

“Exactly what has Adam Schiff, as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, done to protect our country, including our military, from the terrorist regime in Iran?” Levin questioned. “How many hearings has he held? How many witnesses has he called? What were his findings?”

“What were his recommendations?” he continued. “Adam Schiff has utterly failed as chairman. His entire focus has been the unconstitutional impeachment of and coup against the president.”

“Now, Schiff is publicly condemning the president for defending our country, including our embassy in Iraq. Schiff is actively undermining our country,” Levin declared. See Below

Earlier on Friday, Levin released another statement where he applauded President Trump for killing “two of the world’s most treacherous terrorists — Soleimani and Baghdadi.”

He predicted “political backlash” for Democrats aa they appear to be trying to get the American public to turn against President Trump in wake of Soleimani’s death.

We leave you with Levin’s full statement:

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