Former AG Michael Mukasey Shuts Down Chris Cuomo For ‘Misleading’ Coverage Of Mueller Investigation

Image Source: Video Screenshots. The Freedom Times Compilation

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey slammed CNN host Chris Cuomo, accusing the host of “misleading” his audience about the Mueller investigation.

Mukasey, a former federal judge, and President George W. Bush’s attorney general took Cuomo through the wringer during an interview last week.

While discussing Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Mueller report, Chris Cuomo argued that Attorney General William Barr wrote his letter in a purposeful way to mislead the American people.

However, Mukasey fired back suggesting that it was Cuomo and his network that proposed the report itself and the information within it in a misleading way.

He noted that President Trump was investigated for 2 years for a crime that didn’t happen between his campaign and Russia.

Cuomo then suggested that Congress could decide on “indictments” but Mukasey schooled Cuomo and said that Congress decides whether to impeach or not. “Congress doesn’t indict, Congress can impeach.” He said. (Continued Below)

Cuomo went on to say that he was using that as a metaphor, but Mukasey argued that he was misleading a lot of people.

“But you’re misleading a lot of people. You have a big audience…. getting smaller by the minute now, but it’s bigger.” Mukasey said.

He added, “[Y]our network were devoting days of people sitting around and talking about a report that they didn’t–whose content they didn’t know, that they hadn’t seen, in essence, panels of people sitting around a table inhaling their own exhaust and getting high on it.” (Continued Below)


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