Terrence Williams Blasts Joy Behar As Photo Re-Surfaces From Her Past: ‘Joy Blackface!’

Image Source: Video Screen Shots. The Freedom Times Compilation

Internet sensation, Terrence Williams, took to Twitter and dropped a bomb on host Joy Behar of “The View” Thursday and it’s a doozy.

Amid the “black face” controversy with Megyn Kelly, Ralph Northam, and many others, Terrence exposed Behar and her hypocrisy. It seems she has some double standards. (Video Below)

A video of Joy Behar has surfaced during a 2016 segment of ABC’s “The View,” where she was bragging about a picture that displayed a 1970s-era photo of herself at a Halloween party when she was 29. She says that the hair was her own and that she had dressed as a ‘beautiful African woman.’”

“Joy, are you black?” co-host Raven-Symoné asked.

“I was so cute,” Behar said, adding that she sported her natural curly hair and makeup that was “a little darker than my skin.”

Joy Behar and other critics were quick to criticize Megyn Kelly last year after she created some stir by suggesting that it was okay for white people to wear blackface on Halloween.” (Video Below)

Terrence Williams took note of the surfaced photo and had something to say to Behar.

“Well looky, looky here, Joy. What did you say about Megyn Kelly, Joy? Exactly.” Terrence began.

He continued, “You ain’t nothing but a hypocrite! Wearing a blackface– talking about you were African American for Halloween. Girl, bye!”

“Matter fact! Where is CNN at? Why ain’t nobody calling Joy a racist? Where is MSNBC? Matter fact! Where is the outrage? Has anybody seen the outrage?” Terrence yelled out, “Outrage! Are you anywhere out there? Say something if you’re out there!” (Video Below)

“Where’s the outrage at? Everybody is quiet. So, it’s okay for Joy to do it, huh? Y’all always want to call Trump supporters racist, always coming at Conservatives, but the Democrats are the main ones wearing black faces around here! But, ya’ll want to call someone racist?” Terrence asked.

“You know what? I am offended. Yeah, i’m gonna play that game. I am offended as a black man in America.” He reiterated, “I am offended. Mmm hmm. I am offended by all these racist Democrats.”

Terrence concluded, “I am so glad Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, because if it were up to Democrats, black people would still be slaves.

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(Video Below)

Joy Behar’s official Halloween picture and video below:

Joy Behar- Twitter

Terrence wrote on Twitter, “WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? Joy Behar bragged about making her face look black on Halloween So it’s okay for her to do it ? No boycotts? Nothing at all? RETWEET & tag @cnn @MSNBC & tag a Democrat.”



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We leave you with this Democrat moral outrage and hypocrisy compilation :


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