Trump RIPS Dems For Not Yet Making A Deal: ‘They Don’t Give A Damn About Crime!’

Image Source; Video Screen Shots. The Freedom Times Compilation

As President Trump is headed to the southern border in Texas, he spoke with the press where he took a few questions and pushed back against obstructionist Democrats.

The President is committed to secure the border and keep American safe, despite his haters opposition. (Video Below)

After a meeting that didn’t go anywhere Wednesday with top congressional Democrats, President Trump walked out and said it was “a total waste of time.”

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Senate Minority Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed the situation at the border is a “manufactured crisis,” and they won’t budge on funding for a wall.

President Trump told reporters on Thursday, “You have another side who doesn’t care about border security.”(Video Below)

“The Democrats, which I’ve been saying all along, they don’t give a damn about crime!” The Commander in Chief declared.

He added, “They don’t care about crime. They don’t care about gang members coming in and stabbing people and cutting people up. They don’t care about crime.”

He concluded, “And if they’re not gonna care about crime, then I agree– they shouldn’t do anything at the border. But I care about crime, and I care about drugs. We are spending a fortune on trying to stop drugs, and they pour into the border. I see it now more than ever before. The Democrats don’t care about the border and they don’t care about crime.” (Video Below)