Tucker Carlson: ‘I’m Voting for Trump & if They Convict him, I will Send him the Max Donations’

Tucker Carlson -- YouTube video screenshot from 'The Roseanne Barr Podcast'. (Podcast #24).

During Thursday’s “The Roseanne Barr Podcast”, Tucker Carlson revealed that he’s voting for Donald Trump in 2024.

“I certainly support Trump … I’ve always agreed with Trump’s policies, always, and lost friends over it,” Carlson told Roseanne Barr.

“I became an active Trump supporter when they raided Mar-a-Lago last summer, the summer of 2022. That just can’t stand,” Carlson said, referring to FBI agents who raided Trump’s Florida home, over materials the 45th President allegedly brought to his private residence after his presidency concluded.

“And I agree with Trump on a lot. And even if I disagreed with Trump on a lot, I’d still be a Trump supporter, because you cannot allow that. You cannot allow the regime — the president of the United States, to use the Justice Department to knock the front-runner out of the race. You can’t do that,” he continued.

“It’s bigger than Trump; it’s bigger than [Joe] Biden. It’s a question of ‘Do you want to live in a free country with a functioning Justice system?'” Carlson asked.

He added, “So, I’m voting for Trump, and if they convict him, I will send him the max donations, and I will lead protests. That’s how I feel. And by the way, if I felt he had committed some real crime, I wouldn’t feel that way. But, he didn’t. He and Biden are both found with classified documents at home, along with every other former high-level federal official in history, but only Trump is indicted? Tell me how that works.”


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