House Votes to Send Impeachment Resolution Against Joe Biden to Judiciary & Homeland Security Committees

Image source: Twitter C-SPAN video screenshot. Joe Biden -- Fox News video screenshot. TFT compilation.

The House voted Thursday to send an impeachment resolution against Joe Biden to the Judiciary Committee and Homeland Security Committee.

Lawmakers voted 219-208 in favor of sending the issue back to committees. The “yes” votes came from Republicans.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) filed a privileged resolution on the House floor Tuesday evening aimed at impeaching Joe Biden over the border crisis. A privileged resolution allows lawmakers to force a vote on the House floor without going through the committee.

Boebert called the impeachment proceeding “historic” during remarks on the House floor before the vote.

“… The House is taking historic action. For the first time in 24 years, a House Republican-led majority is moving forward with impeachment proceedings against a current president. This bill allows impeachment proceedings to proceed through the traditional institutional channels by building a body of evidence at the committee level, through the Committees on Homeland Security and the Judiciary,” the Colorado Congresswoman said.

“Biden’s lawless disregard for our federal laws have incentivized more than 5.5 illegal aliens to attempt to cross the border, overwhelming Border Patrol and allowing an invasion to take place that is causing real harm to the American people,” Boebert added. “The Biden border crisis and massive wave of illegal immigration has fueled a record breaking fentanyl crisis.”

Rep. Boebert tweeted on Thursday, “Last Congress I watched my impeachment articles collect dust in Pelosi’s office. This Congress, action had to be taken! I care about getting this completely reckless President out of office for his complete failure on the Southern Border. Today the House sent my bill to the Homeland Security Committee to begin this overdue impeachment inquiry!”

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