Rep. Chip Roy Teaches Jerry Nadler a Lesson on The 2nd Amendment: ‘Absolute, Undeniable, Documented Historic Fact’

Nadler, Chip RoyVideo Screenshots

While debating gun control at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) taught a Constitutional lesson to Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) over the importance of the Second Amendment as it applies to to firearms, including semi-automatic weapons.

“You said that you could use a semi-automatic weapons to fight tyranny… You mean you’d use it against American troops?” Nadler asked.

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“The very existence of the Second Amendment is designed purposely to empower The People to be able to resist the force of tyranny against them to step over their natural rights given to them by God,” Congressman Roy replied. “That is why the Second Amendment exists. That is very specifically why the Second Amendment exists. Let’s be very clear about that.”

He continued: “Let’s rewind the clock a little bit as I know at least several justices have written in Supreme Court decisions… about what life looked like in the 19th century and what the government was doing to remove the ability of either slave owners, more importantly free Blacks, or importantly Whites who even stood up in defense of Blacks or against slavery and the efforts of the South and the efforts by the strong arm of government to remove their ability to have firearms.”

“That is an absolute, undeniable, documented historic fact in our country,” Roy added before providing more information to back up his claim. Video Below