Chinese Govt Official Says USA Is ‘Stupid As Don Quixote’ Amid Hong Kong Bill, Laura Ingraham Fires Back: “The Great Leap Backward”

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China’s Deputy Director General, Lijian Zhao, taunted the United States on Friday in reaction to President Trump signing legislation backing Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters.

Zhao said the United States is suffering from “replacement anxiety” and is “as stupid as” the fictional character Don Quixote. He also claimed China will overtake the United States in “10 years.”

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Zhao tweeted: “US is suffering from ‘replacement anxiety.’ US is doing whatever it takes to weaken & stop China’s development. However, it’s as stupid as Don Quixote versus the windmills.”

“Given the GDP growth rates of 6% & 2%, China will overtake US in 10 years,” he predicted. “China’s win is unstoppable.”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham fired back at Zhao upon seeing his tweet. See Below

In a pair of tweets, Ingraham called out Zhao and promply put him in his place.

“Is this Chinese tool working secretly as a double agent for the U.S.?” Ingraham questioned. “This is reading like an ad for Trump 2020.”

“You’re afraid of your own people,” she declared in a second tweet just moments later. “You’ve lost Hong Kong. The Great Leap Backward.” See Below

Laura Ingraham Fires Back At Lijian Zhao