WATCH: Biden’s Jumbo ‘Teleprompter’ Caught On Camera While Speaking At Campaign Event In Michigan

Biden, TeleprompterBGOnTheScene Video Screen Shots

Joe Biden’s use of a huge teleprompter went viral on social media on Friday soon after he campaigned at a “voter mobilization event” in Detroit, Michigan.

Freelance journalist Brendan Gutenschager (aka BGOnTheScene), who was present at the event, posted video footage of the Democratic nominee delivering his speech as it pans over to a screen with giant words on it that was mounted just a few dozen of feet away.

The jumbo-prompter appeared to be within feet of Biden could be heard saying verbatim what was spelled out for him on the jumbo-prompter.

Take A Look:

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Former Hollywood actor James Woods was dumbfounded by the size of the teleprompter after seeing the video clip as it circulated across social media.

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Here is his reaction:

The size of Biden’s teleprompter is an easy target for the Trump campaign, which has repeatedly blasted the former Vice President’s excessive use of teleprompters for interviews and basement speeches over the course of the election season.