Randy Quaid: “America Needs to Stop Sending Whining, Weak Self-absorbed Nut Jobs to DC to Represent Them”

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Actor Randy Quaid is once again fed up with U.S. lawmakers in wake of the second Democrat-led impeachment effort against former President Donald Trump.

As the second day of the Senate impeachment trial was underway, Quaid — who played ‘Cousin Eddie’ in the National Lampoon Vacation film series — implied that House impeachment managers were “whining” and being “cry babies” in the “People’s house” as they continued to make their case against Trump. He also pleaded for Americans to “stop sending” the “self-absorbed” elected officials to Washington, D.C.

“America needs to stop sending whining, weak self-absorbed nut jobs to DC to represent them. The Framers would vomit if they were watching this shit show of cry babies sucking their thumbs in the People’s House!” Quaid tweeted.

Moments later, Quaid wrote: “History will show a bunch of low IQ lunatic self serving reps all dressed up in heavy makeup taking turns behind a podium sounding exactly like the National Enquirer with fantastical potshots slung like mud at the most famous, most productive, most beloved president In history!”

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In ending, here is Mr. Quaid’s theory as to who is really responsible for insurrecting the January 6th violence at the Capitol Building: