Sidney Powell Urges ‘Every Church In The Country To Open Up & Everbody Go’: They Can Not Arrest 75 Million Christians”

Sidney PowellGrow Up Video Screen Shot

While appearing for an interview on the program FlashPoint, Sidney Powell had a special message to help bring hope to Christians leading in to the New Year.

Gene Bailey, who hosted an episode titled “Hope Is Not Lost” began his interview with Ms. Powell by asking, “What is it you wanna tell to the good people of America — the Bible-toting conservative Christians that are looking for something to happen?”

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“One of the things that needs to happen immediately — and I would like to see it happen this Sunday — is for absolutely every church in the country to open up and everybody go…and take their masks off if they want to or not. But open the church doors and go to church — everywhere across this country.

“They can not arrest 75 million Christians,” she declared.

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Here is video of Powell’s full interview

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