Don Jr. On Video Showing Biden Being Led Past Reporters: “How The Heck Could This Guy Run Anything Let Alone America?”

Biden, Trump Jr.Twitter Video Screen Shot, Fox Video Screen Shot

A video has resurfaced from around the time of the Democratic Iowa caucuses that shows Biden leaving a building with a campaign staffer’s hand around his arm and pulling him past reporters.

“We’re gonna survive all the way through this,” Biden says while his staffer tugs him away from the press and says “Thanks guys!”

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The clip has since gone viral on both Facebook and Twitter, which then drew the attention of Donald Trump Jr., who retweeted it.

“OMG they’re escorting Biden like a child to make sure he doesn’t stop and so he remembers where he’s supposed to go,” Don Jr. captioned the video.

“This whole thing is a farce. Wake up America. How the heck could this guy run anything let alone America?” he asked.


Trump Jr. wasn’t yet finished with his commentary of the Biden video, as he retweeted it again and likened the situation to a scene from the hit movie “Weekend At Bernie’s.”

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Former Hollywood actor James Woods issued a response as well.

We leave you with his reaction: