Beto Calls Gov. Abbott’s TX Reopening ‘Dangerous, Dumb & Weak’, Crenshaw Responds: “What A Condescending Reaction”

[Image source: Bloomberg, KTBC Fox 7 Austin, & Fox News Youtube video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott tweeted a video Friday in regards to the Lonestar state reopening safely and in accordance with the recommended guidelines and phases.

Abbott wrote in his post on Twitter: “Texas is Opening Safe, Smart, and Strong.”

Following the Texas Governors tweet, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke criticized Greg Abbott’s leadership for reopening the state amid the coronavirus pandemic, even though the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Tuesday that he believes the U.S. is ready to begin reopening.

“A deadly lesson in failed leadership: Texas leads the country in uncontrolled spread of coronavirus. Despite what Trump & co. (Abbott & Patrick) say, stay home if you can & wear a mask if you have to go out. It will save lives,” O’Rouke tweeted Friday.

In another tweet and responding to Governor Abbott opening Texas “safe, smart, and strong”, O’Rourke called the move “dangerous, dumb and weak.”

Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw slammed O’Rourke Saturday on Twitter for his “condescending reaction”, in response to Governor Abbott’s decision to reopen Texas safely. Continued Below

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Rep. Crenshaw tweeted in response to Beto: “What a condescending reaction. The guy who wanted to be Texas’s Senator truly believes Texans can’t make decisions for themselves and that they are ‘dumb and weak’ for living their lives and trying to feed their families.”

Crenshaw added: “And yes, he’s talking to all Texans, not just our governor. Governor Abbott can’t force anyone to go back to work. Texans are choosing to do that, despite what people like Beto scream from their ivory towers.” Continued Below

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