Hillary Clinton Claims Trump ‘Doesn’t Have The Authority’ To Cut WHO Funding, Instantly Gets Blasted

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On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton took aim at President Trump after he announced that the United States would be cutting funding to the World Health Organization.

“I am directing my administration to halt funding while a review is conducted to assess the World Health Organization’s role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus,” Trump told reporters during Tuesday’s news conference.

In response, Hillary called Trump’s decision “dangerous” and suggested he “doesn’t have the authority” to carry out such action.

“WHO is on the front lines of this pandemic, providing advice, training, and equipment crucial to saving lives—including Americans’,” Hillary tweeted.

“Cutting their funding is not only dangerous—Trump doesn’t have the authority to do it. He should know: violating spending laws got him impeached,” she added.

As her tweet began to circulate, Hillary got blasted throughout the twittersphere, including by Dan Bongino, Ari Fleischer, Sara Carter and James Woods. See Below

“The WHO is as credible as Hillary and her dossier,” Dan Bongino replied. “They’re perfect for each other.”

In his response, Ari Fleischer brought former Vice President Joe Biden’s questionable Ukraine deal into the mix.

“Right…but Joe Biden has the authority to withhold $1 billion for Ukraine. Got it. Fleischer tweeted.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter leveled Hillary with a few major issues related WHO, including how they handled the virus as well as problems with their overall leadership.

“WHO sent out a message via China that there was no human to human transmission of #coronavirus in January,” Carter stated. “It’s number 2 can’t even recognize Taiwan as a separate nation and it’s mired in corruption but OK non-president you keep defending them, while tearing your own apart.”

Actor James Woods responded to Hillary in classic fashion, where he took a shot at the Clinton Foundation and reminded her once again that she “lost both presidential elections” she entered.

Like the #ClintonFoundation did in Haiti? Oh, and you’ll never be impeached, having lost both presidential elections, of course. Maybe a Chardonnay will calm you down? It’s cocktail hour somewhere.

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In ending, here are a few more highly-engaged responses to Hillary’s tweet: