Trump On Perino’s Suggestion Of A Second Task Force To Reopen Economy: “I’m Thinking About It- Getting A Group Of People”

[Image source: C-SPAN video screenshots. Fox News video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

On Friday, Fox News’ Dana Perino tweeted: “I think we need a 2nd task force assembled at direction of POTUS to look ahead to reopening of the economy. Made up of a nonpartisan/bipartisan mix of experts across industry sectors, so that we have their recommendations & plan – let 1st taskforce focus on crisis at the moment.”

Saturday, the Commander in Chief tweeted Perino’s suggestion and wrote: “Good idea Dana!”

During Saturday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, the president was asked about Dana Perino’s suggestion that there should be a second Coronavirus Task Force focused on the economy.

“You tweeted earlier today that you liked the idea of a second Coronavirus Task Force that was focused on reopening economy. I was wondering if you were planning on going forward with that,” a reporter asked the president.

“I’m thinking about it– getting a group of people. We have to open our country,” President Trump said.

“You know, I had an expression: the cure can’t be worse than the problem itself, right? I started by saying that. And I continue to say the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. We got to get our country open,” he added. Video Below

President Trump responds to Dana Perino’s suggestion:

President Trump’s official remarks:

President Trump: “We have to open our country again”.

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