WaPo Claims Homeschooling During The Crisis Will ‘Set Back’ Children, Don Jr. Challenges Them

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On Friday, The Washington Post published an article that claims the massive amount of homeschooling that America is undergoing as a result of the coronavirus crisis will “set back a generation of children.”

The “perspective” article by WaPo outlines the “daunting” barriers that America’s children are facing while public schools are trying to push forward through the crisis by conducting operations remotely.

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While the article is thoroughly written in relation to the norm of public education, Donald Trump Jr. challenged the left-leaning source to look outside the box and to consider the benefits of homeschooling.

“Really, now you attack homeschooling?” Trump Jr. tweeted. “I’d wager the average homeschooled kid in America fares better in virtually any metric that the average public/leftist indoctrination school kid.”

“You should do a story in it… but you won’t because you would never expose the racket,” he added. See Below

Donald Trump Jr.’s Official Tweet

In ending, here is video of Secretary of Education Betsy discussing work that her team has been doing to help find solutions to problems schools are facing during the crisis: