Pelosi Shuts Down Applause When First Article Of Impeachment Passed, Scalise & McCarthy React: “So Much For Dems Claiming Impeachment Is ‘Solemn'”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave an awkward signal for her Democrat colleagues to tame it down after announcing the first article of impeachment had passed.

No sooner than Pelosi slammed down her gavel and made the impeachment announcement, Democrats could be heard applauding, only to be silenced by Nancy as she quickly held up her hand up and glared at them.

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Democrats have been trying to convince Americans that impeachment is “solemn” for them. However the applause that were about to burst out suggested otherwise.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued responses to the peculiar moment involving Pelosi and Democrats.

“Nancy Pelosi had to shut down Democrat applause when the first article of impeachment passed,” Scalise said. “So much for Dems claiming impeachment is “solemn” for them. What a ridiculous lie!” Video Below


House Minority Leader blasted the situation as “disgusting” in his response on Twitter. Video Below

McCarthy tweeted: “Democrats just started cheering and applauding after the first vote on impeachment. Didn’t they claim this was supposed to be a sad and somber moment?”

In ending, here is Kevin McCarthy’s full statement ahead of the impeachment vote: