Tomi Lahren On Tuesday Night’s Dem Debate: “A Nursing Home Cafeteria That Ran Out Of Jello”

[Image source: Fox News & CBS video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Fox News contributor, Tomi Lahren, spoke with “Fox & Friends” Wednesday weighing in on Tuesday evening’s Democratic presidential debate, hosted by CBS in South Carolina, ahead of The Palmetto States Saturday Democratic primary.

Lahren described the South Carolina Democrat debate stage as “angry, old and pushing strange ideas”.

“I’ll tell you what it says about the state of the Democratic Party: it’s pathetic, it’s sad,” Tomi Lahren said after a clip was played of the Democratic candidates arguing at each other during Tuesday night’s debate.

“I actually tweeted last night with that debate stage reminded me of, was a nursing home cafeteria that ran out of jello”, Lahren expressed. “Everyone was very upset, very angry, very old, and pushing a lot of very strange ideas.”

“But then again, that is the bed of the Democrats made for themselves and now, they have to lie in it,” she added.

Lahren noted that Democrats “did this to themselves” as they have been “pushing radical ideas”, adding “they’ve been having people at the helm like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, and the rest of them.” (Continued Below)

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“They’ve been radical for months on end and now, they end up with Bernie Sanders as their frontrunner. And now all of sudden, they’re confused and they think they have to do something about it,” the Fox News contributor continued.

“They did this to themselves. They should have been paying attention. They shouldn’t have been pushing radical notions, because this is what they’re left with,” Lahren added. (Video Below)

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We leave you with a response from actor James Woods, in regards to Tuesday’s Democratic debate:

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