Charlie Daniels Lashes Out At Schiff As Impeachment Efforts Move Forward: ‘You’re Gonna Fall On Your Butt’

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Conservative singer and songwriter Charlie Daniels had some choice words for House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is heading efforts to impeach President Trump.

Schiff has taken a lot of heat from the President and Republicans over the past three years due to leaks he has made to the press, debunked claims he made about the Russian collusion investigation and, most recently, his handling of the closed door impeachment inquiry.

After Tuesday’s closed-door testimony from White House official Colonel Alex Vindman, Schiff came under more fire when Republicans complained that he didn’t allow them to ask some questions — a move that Republicans argued was just another unfair aspect of the impeachment inquiry.

As the Democrat-formed impeachment resolution is set to head to a floor vote on Thursday, Charlie Daniels lashed out at Chairman Schiff.

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“Adam Schiff you’re going to fall on your butt and take part of the democrat party with you,” Daniels declared in a tweet. “You pursue ghosts, you parse words, you selectively leak anything you think will be helpful to your bogus charge, while hiding the truth,you’re a proven liar and a disgrace to true justice.” Video Below

Official Tweet By Charlie Daniels

In ending, here is video of Congressman Matt Gaetz revealing his plan to call Schiff forward as a fact witness in front of the House Judiciary Committee.